Mendelssohn Bartholdy, Felix: Elijah


Elias (Elijah) Op. 70 – a spectacular oratorio composed by Felix Mendelssohn Bartholdy

With Barbara Bonney, Florence Quivar, Richard Clement, Jerry Hadley
Conducted by Robert Shaw
Atlanta Symphony Orchestra & Chorus

Track Listing

Disc: 1

1. Introduction (Elijah) – ‘As God The Lord Of Israel Liveth’

2. Ouverture

3. Chorus – ‘Help Lord’

4. Quartet: Recitative – ‘The Deep Affords No Water’

5. Duet With Chorus – ‘Zion Spreadeth Her Hands For Aid’

6. Recitative (Obadiah) – ‘Ye People, Rend Your Hearts’

7. Air (Obadiah) – ‘If With All Your Hearts’

8. Chorus – ‘Yet Doth The Lord See It Not’

9. Recitative (Angel) – ‘Elijah! Get Thee Hence’

10. Double Quartet – ‘For He Shall Give His Angels’

11. Recitative (Angel) – ‘Now Cherith’s Brook Is Dried Up’

12. Air (Widow) – ‘What Have I To Do With Thee’
And Recitative (Elijah, Widow) ‘Give Me Thy Son!’

13. Chorus – ‘Blessed Are All They That Fear Him’

14. Recitative (Elijah, Ahab) With Chorus – ‘As God The Lord Of Sabaoth Liveth’

15. Chorus – ‘Baal, Answer Us’

16. Recitative (Elijah) And Chorus – ‘Call Him Louder, For He Is A God!’

17. Recitative (Elijah) And Chorus – ‘Call Him Louder! He Heareth Not’

18. Air (Elijah) – ‘Lord God Of Abraham, Isaac And Israel’

19. Quartet (Angels) – ‘Cast Thy Burden Upon The Lord’

20. Recitative (Elijah) And Chorus – ‘O Thou, Who Makest Thine Angels Spirits’

21. Air (Elijah) – ‘Is Not His Word Like A Fire?’

22. Air – ‘Woe Unto Them Who Forsake Him!’

23. Recitative (Obadiah, Elijah, Youth) And Chorus – ‘O Man Of God, Help Thy People!’

24. Chorus – ‘Thanks Be To God!’

Disc: 2

1. Air – ‘Hear Ye, Israel!’

2. Chorus – ‘Be Not Afraid’

3. Recitative (Elijah, Queen) And Chorus – ‘The Lord Hath Exalted Thee’

4. Chorus – ‘Woe To Him!’

5. Recitative (Obadiah, Elijah) – ‘Man Of God, Now Let My Words Be Precious’

6. Air (Elijah) – ‘It Is Enough, O Lord’

7. Recitative – ‘See, Now He Sleepeth’

8. Trio of Angels – ‘Lift Thine Eyes’

9. Chorus – ‘He, Watching Over Israel’

10. Recitative (Angel, Elijah)- ‘Arise, Elijah’

11. Air (Angel)- ‘O Rest In The Lord’ (Florence Quivar)

12. Chorus – ‘He That Shall Endure To The End’

13. Recitative (Elijah, Angel) – ‘Night Falleth ‘Round Me’

14. Chorus – ‘Behold, God The Lord Passed By!’

15. Recitative, Quartet and Chorus – ‘Above Him Stood The Seraphim’

16. Chorus – ‘Go, Return Upon Thy Way’
And Recitative (Elijah) ‘I Go On My Way’

17. Arioso (Elijah) – ‘For The Mountains Shall Depart’

18. Chorus – ‘Thus Did Elijah The Prophet Break Forth’

19. Air – ‘Then Shall The Righteous Shine Forth’

20. Recitative – ‘For God Sent His People The Prophet Elijah’

21. Chorus – ‘Thus Saith The Lord’

22. Quartet – ‘O Come, Everyone That Thirsteth’

23. Chorus – ‘And Then Shall Your Light Break Forth’