Barber, Samuel: The Complete Songs


Songs by Samuel Barber

With Cheryl Studer, John Browning
Emerson String Quartet

A Slumber Song of the Madonna (1925)

There’s Nae Lark (1927)

Love at the Door (1934)

Serenades (1934)

Love’s Caution (1935)

Night Wanderers (1935)

Of That So Sweet Imprisonment (1935)

Strings in the Earth and Air (1935)

Beggar’s Song (1936)

In the Dark Pinewood (1937)[b]Songs (3), Op. 2 (1927-34):[/b]

The Daisies

With Rue my Heart is Laden

Bessie BobtailDover Beach, Op. 3 (1931) *

[b]Songs (3), Op. 10 (1936):[/b]

Rain has Fallen

Sleep Now

I Hear an Army

Songs (4), Op. 13 (1937-40):

A Nun Takes the Veil

The Secrets of the Old

Sure on this Shining Night


Songs (2), Op. 18 (1942-3):

The Queen’s Face on a Summery Coin

Monks and Raisins

Nuvoletta, Op. 25 (1947)

Melodies passageres, Op. 27 (1950-51):

Puisque tout passe

Un cygne

Tombeau dans un parc

Le clocher chante


Hermit Songs, Op. 29 (1952-53):

At Saint Patrick’s Purgatory

Church Bell at Night

St. Ita’s Vision

The Heavenly Banquet

The Crucifixion



The Monk and his Cat

The Praises of God

The Desire for Hermitage

Despite and Still, Op. 41 (1968-69):

A Last Song

My Lizard

In the Wilderness

Solitary Hotel

Despite and Still

Songs (3), Op. 45 (1972):

Now have I Fed and Eaten up

A Green Lowland of Pianos

O Boundless, Boundless Evening