DW Arts & Culture interview with Thomas Hampson

Thomas Hampson talks with Arts & Culture’s David Levitz over Skype about the US presidential election. Watch the interview here.

Broadway World: University of Michigan School of Music, Theatre & Dance and Thomas Hampson’s Hampsong Foundation Form Partnership

Broadway World

The University of Michigan School of Music, Theatre & Dance and Grammy Award-winning baritone Thomas Hampson’s Hampsong Foundation have formed a new partnership to strengthen the work of both organizations in song research, vocal performance, and education at all levels.

The collaboration, called the Classic Song Research Initiative, was made possible through funding from an anonymous donor and the SMTD.

“The School of Music, Theatre & Dance is thrilled to partner with Thomas Hampson and the Hampsong Foundation,” said Dean David Gier. “Thomas has come to campus several times and these interactions have been enriching for our voice students, and several of our faculty members have conducted research with the Hampsong Foundation.

Opera in the Time of COVID: Legendary American Baritone Thomas Hampson

“Opera in the Times of COVID” is an interview series in collaboration with photographer Frances Marshall of Marshall Light Studio. We talk to notable figures from around the opera world to get their perspective on how they feel these challenging times may change opera’s present and future.

Baritone Thomas Hampson is one of opera’s great baritones, an artistic with an elegant vocal style fused with a striking stage presence. The brilliance of his artistry is born out of his thoughtfulness and what seems like an infinite well of intellect. His interviews are some of the most fascinating learning experiences you can engage with.

In this interview, he relates his thoughts on the current crisis, his wide-ranging interests, and what he thinks comes next for the world.

Concerti: „Unser Alltag ist überschaubar“

In Zeiten von Corona blickt Moderator Holger Wemhoff im concerti Klassik-Daily ins Innere der Klassikszene. Folge 39 mit Thomas Hampson.

Bariton Thomas Hampson hat sich während des Corona-Shutdowns mit seiner Frau nach Zürich zurückgezogen. In Folge 39 des concerti Klassik-Daily, präsentiert von unserem Sponsoring-Partner GeloRevoice, berichtet der Sänger im Gespräch mit Moderator Holger Wemhoff von künstlerischer Frustration in der Krise, der rasanten Digitalisierung der Klassik und von der Ungewissheit, wie das Publikum im Fall der Wiedereröffnung von Konzert- und Opernhäusern reagieren wird.

Hören Sie jetzt Folge 39 des concerti Klassik-Daily Podcast mit Thomas Hampson und Holger Wemhoff: Concerti

Talking Classical Podcast

Visit Talking Classical Podcast to listen to the interview.

In this episode, we’ll be “zooming in” with Thomas Hampson, one of the finest baritones of our time.

We talked about a variety of topics including the impact of Zoom and other digital platforms on the classical music industry in these current times. Thomas is a real advocate of digital technology within his many varied projects from live-streaming masterclasses around the world to the Hampsong Foundation, an online treasure trove focused on the art of song.


Он не только оперная звезда, «ведущий баритон США». Томас Хэмпсон много занимается просветительством: читает лекции, ведет радиопередачи, учредил фонд с целью развития искусства классической песни. Мы говорили с артистом о его мастер-классах и учебных проектах.

Interview for Enigma Cycle at TV Russia-Kultura

Watch the interview on YouTube.


С одной стороны, Томас Хэмпсон в представлениях не нуждается. За свою более чем тридцатилетнюю карьеру он спел более полусотни важных оперных партий во всех ведущих театрах мира; выпустил десятки альбомов, на которых можно услышать и репертуар академических тяжеловесов, и номера из мюзиклов, и совсем неизвестный репертуар; поработал с величайшими дирижерами нашего времени – от Леонарда Бернстайна до Кристиана Тилемана, от Николауса Арнонкура до Кирилла Петренко; попал на хрестоматийные видеозаписи спектаклей таких легендарных режиссеров, как Жан-­Пьер Поннель, Джонатан Миллер, Люк Бонди, Вилли Деккер и Мартин Кушей.r

Song Of America: Beyond Liberty

“At the University of Arizona’s Centennial Hall on January 28, 2020, the Tucson Desert Song Festival presented Thomas Hampson, baritone, with Lara Downes, piano, and the Beyond Liberty Players.

Hampson sang Stephen Foster’s Beautiful Dreamer to Lara Downes’ piano tones augmented by violin, cello and clarinet, finishing with a particularly graceful high falsetto note. The singer then introduced the traditional Shenandoah, thought to concern a fur trader’s farewell to his Native American lover. He sang it with crisp diction and vocal colors that hinted at sadness, indicating the couple might never meet again. Hampson spoke of Arthur Farwell who composed songs based on Native American melodies in the early 20th century. He sang Farwell’s Song of the Deathless Voice with excellent breath control as his ensemble played with many-colored sounds.”

Broadway World

Arizona Daily Star: Hampson takes a journey into the soul of America for Tucson Desert Song Festival

Arizona Daily Star

Thomas Hampson’s resume reads like opera’s greatest hits:

He’s sung more than 80 operatic roles in major theaters from New York’s Met to the UK’s Covent Garden, recorded more than 170 albums that have garnered four Grammy nominations and a Grammy win and has performed in the world premieres of several new operas including Rufus Wainwright’s “Hadrian” in Canada and Tarik O’Regan’s “The Phoenix” with the Houston Grand Opera, both in the 2018-19 season.

But if you ask him, he will tell you one of his biggest professional thrills is singing American songs, works that borrow texts from great American poets including Mark Twain and Abraham Lincoln.

Thomas Hampson: „Die Künste sind unser großes Tagebuch“

Berliner Morgenpost

Der Bariton trifft den richtigen Ton: So spricht Thomas Hampson stets von „den jungen Kollegen“. Schließlich sind sie, wenn auch nicht wie der US-amerikanische Sänger mehr als 40 Jahre im Geschäft der Oper und des Kunstlieds, doch teils bereits sehr gestandene Liedinterpreten, denen man über Gesangstechnik und Bühnenpräsenz nicht mehr viel erzählen muss.

180 Bewerber habe es für den nunmehr dritten Schubert-Workshop von Hampson im Boulezsaal gegeben – Platz ist für zwölf Teilnehmer. „Man sollte schon mal auf der Bühne gestanden und versucht haben, die Geschichte zu erzählen“, sagt Hampson in nahezu lupenreinem Deutsch.

Chicago Tribune: 10 most memorable classical music performances of 2019

Thomas Hampson with the Chicago Symphony Orchestra, Jan. 10 in Orchestra Hall

Anything the great baritone sings is well worth hearing, but his work in American song stands in a category by itself. On this occasion, Hampson brought forth the profundities of three of Aaron Copland’s “Old American Songs” and conjured a range of color in John Corigliano’s “One Sweet Morning” and illuminated the poetry of Michael Daugherty’s “Letter to Mrs. Bixby” (a bittersweet setting of President Abraham Lincoln’s famous message to a grieving mother).

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