Master Singers: Advice from the Stage

There is often a dichotomy between the academic approach to singing that voice students learn in the studio and what professional singers do on the operatic and concert stage. Great singers at the top of the performing profession achieve their place with much analysis and awareness of their technique, art, interpretation and stagecraft that goes far beyond academic study and develops over years of experience, exposure, and the occasional embarrassing error. Master Singers brings these insights to the student, teacher, and emerging professional singer, giving them many needed signs and signals along the road to achieving their own artistry and established career. Through interviews with some of today’s most accomplished and renowned concert and operatic singers, including Thomas Hampson, Stephanie Blythe, Joyce DiDonato, and more, Master Singers provides vocalists making the transition from student to professional with indispensable advice on matters ranging from technique and its practical application for effective stage projection to the practicalities of the business of professional singing and maintaining a career to recommendations for vocal hygiene and longevity in singing.

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Liebst du um Schönheit: Gespräche mit Clemens Prokop (German Edition)

Als einer der bedeutendsten Opernsänger der Gegenwart ist der amerikanische Bariton ist der amerikanische Bariton Thomas Hampson regelmäßig an den führenden internationalen Häusern zu Gast. Eine ebenso breite Anerkennung genießt er als Konzertsänger, der seine Programme zum deutschen romantischen Lied und zum amerikanischen Kunstlied stets sorgfältig erforscht und zusammenstellt.

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Opera Lively – The Interviews

This book released by Opera Lively Press is a pleasure to read for everybody who cares about opera (beginners are also welcome). It contains the best of one year of journalism from Opera Lively. Singers, conductors, stage and video directors, scholars, educators, opera company managers, and composers describe in eloquent terms the entire gamut of the operatic experience. Profound insights about characters and works are side by side with discussions of controversial topics such as Regietheater, critical editions, the cult of image, and the future of the art form. Singers include Anna Netrebko, Joyce DiDonato, Danielle de Niese, Deborah Voigt, Anna Caterina Antonacci, Piotr Beczala, Matthew Polenzani, Thomas Hampson, Luca Pisaroni, and more.

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American Art Song and American Poetry, 2nd Edition (Foreward by Thomas Hampson)

Published 50 years after the last major treatment of American art song, the first edition of the three-volume American Art Song and American Poetry was the first work to fully consider the musical settings of American poetry. Ruth Friedberg’s monumental study was undertaken as a partial remedy to examine American song, from Edward Macdowell up through 1980. In the first edition, Friedberg focused on the interrelationship between the composer and the poet and the ways in which this influenced the completed song. Pieces selected for inclusion had the dual function of recognizing the importance of contributions to the performing literature as well as illuminating phases of America’s cultural past.

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Mattia Battistini: King of Baritones and Baritone of Kings (Foreward by Thomas Hampson)

Mattia Battistini (1856-1928) is considered by many to be among the finest examples of the bel canto singing style. His unique vocal abilities and strong stage personality made him the most famous singer of his time, with a career spanning nearly 50 years in the most revered opera venues in Europe. Mattia Battistini: King of Baritones and Baritone of Kings covers the singer’s entire career, from his first performance in Rome in 1878 to his final concert 50 years later.

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A Singer’s Guide to the American Art Song: 1870-1980 (Foreward by Thomas Hampson)

New in Paperback 2004. Considers the lives and contributions of 144 significant composers in the field. Includes a general discography, bibliography, and indexes for both titles and poets…writing style is clear and enjoyable, the information she supplies about the songs pertinent and helpful…extremely useful to singers, voice teachers, coaches and musicologists in planning programs and in obtaining information about American art song repertoire.–Lori N. White, Taylor University

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Bravo! A Guide to Opera for the Perplexed (Foreward by Thomas Hampson)

A guide to opera written to allow the reader to dip in at any point and get a quick overview of a particular theme or work in the opera repertoire includes a glossary of operatic terminology, a look at the different voice categories, opera etiquette, and other features. 25,000 first printing.

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