Mahler Month with Thomas Hampson

Thomas Hampson presents a LIVE interactive course on the artistry of Gustav Mahler, running from April 5-26, 2022. The exclusive series will include conversations and live Q&A sessions with international Mahler experts, including Jamie Bernstein, Marina Mahler, Jens Malte Fischer, Morten Solvik and more, on IDAGIO’s groundbreaking new platform.

Additionally, the course will feature access to special assignments tailored to the course objectives, online hangouts with the instructor and classmates, access to exclusive musical materials, and invitation-only opportunities to connect with Mr. Hampson and other guests in person around special Mahler anniversary events. Course materials and media will be made available for unlimited access.

For more information and to reserve your spot now, click here. The early bird special is only valid until December 31.

“Mahler is simply one of the very greatest composers who ever lived and one who’s had such an important impact on my life. Mahler’s music is a “sound cosmos” unto itself. He believed that art should reflect all of the tragedies and trivia of life, but also its immeasurable beauty and mysteries. I invite you to join me in exploring the work of this brilliant composer and its profound reflection of the world around us.”

Thomas Hampson

Photo credit: Jimmy Donelan