Internationale Opernwerkstatt Waiblingen

Thomas Hampson returns for the third edition of the Internationale Opernwerkstatt Waiblingen that will include masterclasses and a final concert with his colleagues soprano Melanie Diener and conductor Dan Ettinger. Running from September 20-25, Hampson will work with singers on technique, expression and presentation in mostly public master classes.

The opera workshop concludes with the final concert with Melanie Diener, Thomas Hampson and all course participants on September 25 in the Ghibelline Hall of the Waiblingen civic center. Chief conductor Dan Ettinger will conduct the Stuttgarter Philharmoniker for the final concert.

The masterclasses on September 21 & 22 will be livestreamed via the Opernwerkstatt Waiblingen’s YouTube channel, click here for more information.

Photo credit: © Fondation Royaumont