Critical acclaim for Hampson’s Four Villains in ‘Les Contes d’Hoffmann’ at the Royal Opera House

“Thomas Hampson was gleefully baleful as the quartet of bad guys, always with a glint in his eye and an implicit wink at the audience …”

Mark Valencia – What’s On Stage

“Thomas Hampson is gleefully sepulchral as all four villains …”

David Gillard – Daily Mail

“Thomas Hampson is by no means a villain or even a sneaky man, but a lyrical baritone with a heart and mind, but, supported by “frightening” costumes, he was credible as an adversary in three different appearances and inspired with his perfectly sung great aria. Less than satanic, rather a man with power claimed in many facets he appears to Hoffmann in his neurotic fantasies and tricks caused by alcohol as Coppélius, Dappertutto and Miracle, in which he sees the city councilor Lindorf, his rival in love for Stella.”

{Thomas Hampson ist ganz und gar kein Bösewicht oder gar hinterhältiger Mensch, sondern ein lyrischer Bariton mit Herz und Verstand, aber, unterstützt durch „furchteinflößende“ Kostüme wirkte er dennoch glaubhaft als Widersacher in drei verschiedenen Erscheinungsbildern und begeisterte mit seiner perfekt gesungenen großen Arie. Weniger satanisch, eher als Mensch mit Machtansprüchen in vielen Facetten erscheint er Hoffmann in seinen, vom Alkohol verdichteten, neurotischen Fantasien und Trugbildern als Coppélius, Dappertutto und Miracle, in denen dieser den Stadtrat Lindorf, seinen Rivalen in der Liebe zu Stella, sieht.}

Ingrid Gerk – Online Merker

“Thomas Hampson – master of disguise – was in intimidating voice as Lindorf and co, making each incarnation vocally distinct: Lindorf’s cool reserve contrasted with the inventor’s blustering rage, sorcerer’s aloof power and doctor’s Satanic persistence: I had to listen, as well as look, twice to assure myself it was the same man: brilliant.”


“Thomas Hampson, who is fastidious, as always, as the multiple incarnations of his demonic nemesis. It’s a most striking pairing … Hampson dogs his steps with insidious persistence and an unsettling mixture of menace and charm … he is disquietingly sensual as Dappertutto and really creepy as Dr Miracle.”

Tim Ashley – The Guardian

“Thomas Hampson played Hoffmann’s dastardly nemesis in each act with moustache-twirling glee.”

Mark Pullinger – Bachtrack

“…  his last act’s nightmarish Dr Miracle succeeds in spades.”

Cara Chanteau – The Independent

“This time Thomas Hampson plays all four of Hoffmann’s arch-rivals, fielding an engagingly saturnine personality and a dash of black humor …”

Richard Fairman – Financial Times

“… a charismatic, Met-honed product …”

Alexandra Coghlan – The Arts Desk

Image: Catherine Ashmore / ROH