“The singer’s long advocacy for American song was manifest in his homegrown set. In the current campaign season, Copland’s “The Dodger” proved apt, given with hearty and sardonic swagger. Hampson’s story-telling bonafides were nicely to the fore in Henry T. Burleigh’s “Ethiopia saluting the colors,” and he closed with a haunting, wistful rendition of “Shenanadoah” . . .

In a tribute to Paris, Hampson showcased his relaxed charisma in Cole Porter’s affectionate “Who said Gay Paree?” and was joined by Stober for a lilting and Terpsichorean rendition of Porter’s waltzing “Wunderbar” . . .

The singers joined forces for the enjoyable encore—a witty trio version of “La ci darem la mano” with Hampson and Ollarsaba as dueling Don Giovannis, vying for the hand of Stober’s Zerlina and eventually acquiescing in a Mozartian menage a trois.”

Lawrence A. Johnson – Chicago Classical Review

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In song, you have one of the most amazing diaries of any generation’s culture at a given time.

Thomas Hampson