A “sublime” premiere of ‘Le roi Arthus’ in Paris

Thomas Hampson made a spectacular debut in the title role of Chausson’s Le roi Arthus with the Opéra National de Paris:

“The evening’s hero of the opera, Thomas Hampson’s King Arthus is the one that impresses most. The power of the voice, its projection, the beauty and richness of timbre and flawless French are undoubtedly the king of the evening. For Thomas Hampson is more than a singer, he is also a musician and a great artist. It demonstrates once again from beginning to end in taking this role that he wanted to do it for lovers of French opera and the French language . . .”

Gilles Lesur –

“The cast nears perfection . . . Thomas Hampson moves us as much by his progressive renunciation when he sees all his ideals (love, friendship, honor, bravery) make him gradually imperfect.”

Jean-Claude Hulot – ResMusica

“Musically this was the highlight of the current season . . . the cast, headed by the Arthus of Thomas Hampson, could hardly have been bettered . . . he phrased his music with a lieder singer’s sense of detail, giving a probing performance, in studious French, that plumbed the depths of the bookish King.”

Stephen J. Mudge – Opera News

“. . . with his musical intelligence Thomas Hampson remains above and reveals the weaknesses of Arthus, a valiant and idealistic warlord but naive.”

Philippe Venturini – LesEchos

“. . . a Roi Arthus with a capacity for introspection and a musical intelligence that very few singers can bring with this level of subtlety. The voice, which bends without breaking the ends of the range, helps to draw a powerful eruption of the protagonist into denial. A lesson in theater . . .”

Clément Taillia –

“Hampson, with a bronze voice, is shattering. Behind the betrayal of loved ones, it’s the collapse of the values of the Round Table, which he attended, concluded by the triumph of Mordred, the hated nephew.”

Bertrand Renard – Culturebox

“Arthus is none other than the kingly Thomas Hampson . . . his powerful voice is resolutely in the firmament.”

Claude Glayman – MediaPart

“Musically, it is a triumph . . . Thomas Hampson’s Arthur is emotionally charged . . .”

Francis Carlin – The Financial Times